Make Communities works closely with organizations to align their operations and outcomes with their purpose and beliefs.

Often in the high pressure and hectic environments of organizational management, the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ can obscure the ‘why’. But when the ‘why’ comes first, all that follows creates a more meaningful and fulfilling experience for our team, and better impacts for our constituents.

Mission, Vision, Values: Inclusive and participatory processes for understanding what matters most

Equity centered climate surveys: Understanding the differential experiences that team members may be having, as a foundation for organizational self-reflection, learning, and improvement

Equity audits: Examining organizational policies and programmatic outcomes for potential differential impacts

Group norms and behaviors: Moving beyond assumptions to a deliberate and inclusive ‘new normal’ of how organizations work in community with one another.

Equity Why statements: Supporting organizations to make and implement their case for centering equity

Equity action plans: Building a framework for organizational action, either using our tools or with direct assistance

Equity Committee development: Establishing and refining the extent, purpose, and processes for organizational DEI committees

Racial Affinity Groups: Support for people of similar racial identities as they process their personal development and positioning within racial equity initiatives