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Make Communities believes in

creating equitable, opportunity rich environments for everyone.

We believe better is possible. The status quo holds us all back, and the most direct impacts remain shouldered by people who have been traditionally marginalized and excluded — by race, class, gender, sexuality, physical ability, age, and other forms of identity and experience. By changing policies, practices, and systems, we change outcomes.

We believe everyone has a role. To change systems we have to recognize how they work, and our place within them. Social and organizational change is also personal. Discomfort and vulnerability are necessary for growth and change; we must face uncertainty to build a better tomorrow.

We believe communities are strong, creative, and resilient. Despite our progress, opportunity is not yet open to everyone. But every day, in ways common and profound, communities demonstrate their strength — coming together to survive and thrive with empathy, ingenuity, and innovation. We must learn from and build upon this collective power in order to sustain change.

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