Think Spring: Urban Roots

Posting will be light this week as Make Communities takes a very non-MTV-style spring break.

In lieu of regular updates, we’ll be posting links to some of our favorite places and organizations that make us think of spring – even if the snow is still flying.

First up: Urban Roots.

Urban RootsUrban Roots Community Cooperative Garden Center Cooperative is the nation’s first consumer-cooperative garden retailer – think food co-ops, but selling plants, supplies and materials.

Urban Roots opened with community-based capital on Buffalo’s West Side in April 2007, and has grown to nearly 1,000 members.

This growing season look for Urban Roots to expand its inside sales in the next door storefront that incubated 5 Points Bakery. Outside they’ll be running test gardens for vegetable plants native to many of Buffalo’s immigrant communities, and have partnered with the WASH project which will also have a garden on site.

While it may be a bit too early to plant outside, stop in for seeds, supplies, to take a class, become a member or just to get the feeling of springtime..

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