Open Buffalo sees a more equal, just, and free society, driven by a united and empowered community: open to full democratic participation by all its residents; open to innovative ideas and policies; open to new leaders from disadvantaged communities; open to meaningful economic opportunity and sustainable wealth creation for all.

Open Buffalo works with community members and partner organizations in non-profit, government and businesses to win on issues important to the community, develop new leaders and help strengthen social justice groups, and learn and share new ways to improve our city.

As a backbone support organization for the local social justice field, Open Buffalo plays an important role in convening multiple partners engaged in this work and working collectively to unify and empower residents and social justice organizations while bridging the gap to national organizations and best practices.

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Throughout 2014, Make Communities provided organizational development and transition team management to Open Buffalo to help bring this initiative from concept to reality. Make Communities also helped Open Buffalo develop its 2015-2016 strategic plan and work plan that provides the framework for these important efforts. It also provides the situational, policy-based, power and capacity analyses that help form the path to community empowerment and victory. Throughout 2015, Make Communities continued to be a strategic advisor to the Open Buffalo staff, board and partners, and in 2016 helped to coordinate curriculum development for second annual class of the Emerging Leaders program.