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Make Communities approaches

our work with empathy, honesty,

and purpose.

We center what matters. When tasks get in the way of transformation, we can lose perspective, leading to disengagement and burnout. When we lead with our values, our results will reflect our intentions.

Make Communities leads with racial equity. Our work is done in partnership and in cross-racial teams, combining analysis, practice, and lived experience to build long term success. Rethinking systems and practices improves outcomes across the board.

In partnership with Stamey Street Consulting Group, we have developed a framework to take organizations from color blind to equity centered using a whole-organization approach. This framework grounds organizations in the work by:

  • Tying strategies for racial equity to mission performance and organizational values while examining a systems level approach to understanding and mitigating existing disparities
  • Identifying opportunities to support your team’s growth journeys, developing equitable practices, and aligning your organization’s work with its intended audiences
  • Assessing readiness for the work, planning for action, and keeping your organization accountable to meeting its equity aspirations

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