Complete Communities for a Changing Region

Make Communities partnered with the One Region Forward team and the University at Buffalo Regional Institute to lead a group of regional stakeholders, chaired by Buffalo-LISC and Belmont Housing Resources, to chart a course for Buffalo Niagara’s communities.

As we state in the introduction to the report:

Complete CommunitiesQuality housing lays the foundation for the vibrant and connected communities that are central to the task of making a better Buffalo Niagara for everyone. Where we live impacts how we live, and respecting our history, embracing existing neighborhoods and preparing for the communities of tomorrow will ensure all residents have access to housing choices throughout the region.

[Complete Communities looks] at a suite of tools, best practices and initiatives that the region can employ to build neighborhoods of lasting value. This report does not serve as proscriptive set of actions and directives. To the contrary, it was compiled with the support of regional housing stakeholders and experts to begin to inform and help guide decisions that carefully consider local context and local knowledge. It is a first step in providing planning departments, non-profit organizations, community groups, foundations, private developers and additional stakeholders in community improvement and revitalization the resources they need in order to make targeted plans and investments that reflect an inclusive and multi-faceted approach to fulfilling our region’s vision.

Starting with an acknowledgement of the vast potential created by profound changes now underway, including an aging and diversifying population unlike anything the region has ever seen before, Complete Communities suggests that an integrated cross-sector approach, a higher lever of resident engagement and a shift in the way housing support is delivered within the region will each be key in realizing the shared prosperity we envision for Buffalo Niagara.

Keep checking back with the Make Communities blog and we’ll start to highlight the goals, strategies and tools we put together to help move One Region Forward.  The full report is also available here.






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