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  • The Racial Equity Dividend: Buffalo’s Great Opportunity

    This week the Greater Buffalo Racial Equity Roundtable released a report called The Racial Equity Dividend: Buffalo’s Great Opportunity. Make Communities was fortunate to partner with the UB Regional Institute on this report and serve as lead author. You may have seen the Buffalo News article about the report, but that doesn’t cover the full story. The report […]

  • A Vision for Black Rock Harbor – West Scajaquada

    Did you ever wonder what could happen if the 198 Expressway weren’t looming over precious waterfront land, dividing communities, thwarting investment, and destroying sensitive ecological habitat? The Western Scajaquada Coalition asked Make Communities, in partnership with Brad Wales Architecture and Jason Knight, professor of Geography and Planning at Buffalo State College, to help them develop […]

  • Creating Healthy Schools and Communities in Salamanca

    Creating Healthy Schools and Communities in Salamanca

    Make Communities has partnered with Erie 1 Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) and Healthy Community Alliance (HCA) in Cattaraugus County on a “Creating Healthy Schools and Communities” initiative. This long term and cross-sector approach appreciates and responds to the many inputs and obstacles to creating healthier, happier and more livable communities. Together we are […]

  • The Unaddressed Challenge of Regional Segregation

    The Obama administration released new requirements for those receiving federal housing support that, essentially, instruct these local governments to make an honest effort to end policies and practices that reinforce housing segregation. Coming nearly 50 years after the passage of the Fair Housing Act, it’s hard to fathom this is being framed by some as […]

  • Bike Month Rolls On…

    Bike Month Rolls On…

    May is Bike Month, and it has been an active one in Buffalo. Mayor Brown announced the installation of 110 new bike racks and last week celebrated bike to work day. The city has also seen a successful bike to school day, the launching of a bicycle ferry to the outer harbor and merchants throughout […]

  • Groundwork Buffalo hiring Executive Director

    Groundwork Buffalo, a local environmental organization focused on improving urban land and water and affiliated with a national network of Groundwork Trusts, is hiring an Executive Director. Each Groundwork’s purpose is to build sustainable communities through joint environmental action: empowering people, creating better places and helping to bring about prosperity. The Groundwork USA network is […]

  • Happy Friday! But how happy?

    Happy Friday! But how happy?

    The World Happiness Report was released last week, and it seems that Scandinavia and northern Europe have quite the lock on the top slots. Though Switzerland sneaks in at #1 and Canada at #5, the rest of the top eight happy countries are filled out by Iceland; Denmark, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands and Sweden. (The […]

  • A Public Advocate for Buffalo?

    This week the City of Buffalo Common Council Legislation Committee held a public hearing on a resolution to establish an elected position of Public Advocate. Rather than being a critique on the current office holders, the establishment of a Public Advocate would, essentially, help to codify and solidify mechanisms that put and hold people first. […]

  • Another 5 for Friday: NYC edition

    “It’s not like ‘Kumbaya.’ It’s really a meaningful exchange.” City and State’s Gerard Flynn recently published “5 Challenges to de Blasio’s Promise of Inclusive Planning“ which includes feedback from notable planners and practitioners around New York City (including Tom Angotti, a professor I was fortunate to study under at Hunter) with tips and critiques for […]

  • Tax Day

    Tax Day

    April 15: It’s the day we’ve all been procrastinating for. But if you’re looking for a way to avoid thinking about your own taxes for a little longer, then take a look at this article referenced by Brookings earlier this month about a successful regional tax base sharing program in Minnesota. While we realize that […]