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It takes many voices, perspectives, relationships and efforts to build true community centered initiatives. With both technical knowledge and hands on experience, our lead partners and community of collaborators is ready to help your team marshal the ideas, resources and energy to reach your goals.


Anthony Armstrong provides planning, support and technical assistance for non-profits, foundations, local governments and coalitions on issues related to equitable development and community revitalization policy, projects and programs. Anthony combines evidence-based research and meaningful stakeholder engagement with hands-on experience in physical, economic and organizational planning and development. Read Anthony’s bio here.


Justin Booth is an expert in creating livable streets and vibrant communities. He founded and directs Buffalo’s bicycle advocacy organization and also chairs the city’s bicycle pedestrian advisory board. He has authored numerous policy and planning documents addressing livability and bicycle / pedestrian infrastructure and access, and has helped communities across New York and beyond examine, critique and plan for streets that increase activity and safety for all users.  Read Justin’s bio here.


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