Services and Projects

Make Communities helps develop accessible, equitable and empowered places, organizations and networks that are equipped with the tools they need to realize their visions.

Accessible… We facilitate new ways for our partners to transform places, systems and operations to be more open, responsive and meaningful for their communities.

Equitable… We build processes and target outcomes that are inclusive and representative so initiatives will have the organized support needed to improve communities with the people who live there.

Empowered… We help design plans, policies, programs and projects that turn local knowledge into actionable power, helping people, organizations and communities deliver tangible results.


Reclaiming Abandoned Infrastructure: Reimagining Buffalo’s DL&W Corridor;  A Community Vision

Make Communities provides:

  • best practice knowledge and technical assistance in community development
  • social and racial equity engagement, analysis and training
  • facilitation of multifaceted cross-sector organizations, collaborations and task groups
  • meaningful pathways to collaboration between grassroots and grass-tops stakeholders
  • community outreach, organizing, mobilization and training
  • engaging research and reports to guide programs, policies and investment decisions
  • start-up planning and implementation of socially focused initiatives
  • on-the-ground community assessments, including public space, access and opportunity evaluations
  • targeted, market conscious revitalization strategies

Learn about some of the projects we’ve been involved in:

– Racial equity research, reports and messaging: The Racial Equity Roundtable 

– Policies and practices for equitable communities: One Region Forward

– Equitable development analysis and recommendations: Deconstructing Segregation in Syracuse?

– Strategic planning and organizational development: Open Buffalo

– Project based planning and community engagement: Vision Plan for the Stella Niagara Preserve

– Community planning and development: A Vision for Black Rock Harbor – West Scajaquada

– Community based outreach and engagement for initiative planning and prioritization:  Empire State Poverty Reduction Initiative for United Way Buffalo and Erie County