our vision

Make Communities is a mission driven consulting firm with a vision for accessible, equitable and empowered communities.


We believe that quality of life and quality of place are crucial components of revitalization, and these people focused and place based opportunities must be open to all people in order for a community to truly thrive.

We believe the steps to creating a thriving neighborhood, organization or city are not one-size fits all, and no one knows what a community needs to succeed better than the people who live there.

Make Communities believes in the power of communities to come together to solve their most pressing and difficult challenges.

Firm partners Anthony Armstrong and Justin Booth have a broad, deep and practical knowledge of urban and community dynamics, from organizational and public policy to civic and physical infrastructure, community engagement and organizing, racial equity analysis and training, neighborhood and regional planning and design. Our teamʼs cross sector knowledge can help communities and organizations of all sizes establish a shared vision and reach their common goals.

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