Make Communities is a mission driven consulting firm with a vision for accessible, equitable and empowered communities.


We define community as a group of people with a common interest working toward a shared purpose, and we believe in the power of communities to come together to address their most pressing and difficult challenges. 

We believe in creating opportunity rich and equitable environments. Whether within organizations, networks, neighborhoods or regions, solutions are not one-size fits all, and no one knows what a community needs to succeed better than the people who experience it every day.

We believe our challenges are not intractable. We believe the disconnect between our aspirations and our outcomes is driven by often unexamined underlying systems and practices that serve to hold us all back, with the most direct impacts shouldered by traditionally marginalized and excluded communities — including exclusions by race, class, gender, sexuality, physical ability, age, and other forms of identity and experience. By changing policies, we change outcomes.

We believe the creativity and resilience of communities should never be underestimated or understated. Whether working within existing systems, working around them or changing them to meet their needs, this happens daily in ways common and profound. This is particularly true for communities traditionally excluded from opportunity.